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I want to be the first to welcome you to (B&BCC) Black and Bold Candle Co. Here, I handcraft, create, and hand-pour all of our products, from mixing the essential oils and creating a unique scent to the shaving, melting, and pouring of the wax. I have created this candle line with all things in mind. Candles for all! If you want to clean, cook, relax, read a book, exercise, take a nice bath, or want the essence of a pleasant smell, then Black and Bold candles are for you.


I have a love for candles, which brought me to the idea of creating them. My passion shows in my work. I have created these amazing scents with more to come. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.


It is a different kind of joy watching your vision come to life. There was an instant excitement when I lit my first candle. Watching it stay lit, with a good scent throw and a great wax pool, I couldn't ask for more. I'm sure my true candle makers can relate. This candle game is true science, and you learn something new daily.


Self-care is the most important factor to a healthy life. Relaxation is key to managing stress. I have created a few additional products that will be beneficial in achieving that. All of our products are naturally made, with no chemicals added.

Thank you in advance for stopping by! Remember, health is the true wealth! Light, Relax & Enjoy. 

      Schanta Okorie , CEO/Founder

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